Frequently Asked Questions - Miss Arab Universe

FAQs - Miss Arab Universe

A: Fill out the Registration Form HERE, pay the required fee, and you'll be entered for a chance to be Miss Arab Universe. More information about the pageant process can be found on the HOW IT WORKS page.

No, since Miss Arab Organization doesn't hold pageants at this time in each country, young ladies can apply directly to the Miss Arab Universe pageant without going through a local pageant competition first.

No, Miss Arab Organization will help selected final contestants to obtain the USA visa. However, the final decision in visa approval will be in control of the US embassy in your country.

Absolutely yes. The pageant will include a talent segment, but it is optional. Those who participate in the talent portion will be given bonus points in the pageant, but not all contestants will be participating in the talent portion. Again, it’s optional and not added to the pageant's score. You will NOT lose your chance at winning the Miss Arab title if you choose not to participate in the talent portion.

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to determine how fluent you are. A part of the contest is Arabic ability. You will be competing against the other Pageant contestants on their Arabic ability. Only one portion of the competition will be in Arabic, all other parts of the competition will be in English. Many contestants do not speak Arabic at all. However, understanding English is very important, but and you don't have to be fluent in English.

A: Yes, your dad was born in an Arab country, therefore, you are qualified. His current residency does not matter.

A: No, if you or one of your parents or grandparents were not born in an Arab country, you will not be qualified.

A: Arab countries are 22 countries which are members of the Arab League : Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

A: Yes, both covered & uncovered qualify, there are no head style limitations.

A: No, you must be 18 years of age before January 1st in the pageant's year.

A: Yes, it is possible for parents to stay in the hotel. However, they cannot stay in the same room. They may be able to qualify for discounts through our sponsor hotels. The organization will provide free local transportation and accommodation for each contestant only. If your parents accompany you, they will be required to pay for themselves.

A: NO, there is no swimsuit contest or any other kind of contest requiring you to show your body in an uncomfortable manner.

A: Anyone can register regardless of having a US visa or not. If you are selected as a final contestant, the Miss Arab Organization will issue a letter to the US embassy in your country to help you obtain a US visa. However, visa approval is not guaranteed and final decision is in the embassy's control. If your visa is denied, you will receive a full refund of your pageant’s registration fee.

A: Yes, marriage is not a qualification or disqualification.

A: Unfortunately no, all registration fees are non-refundable, except if your US visa is denied.

A: Absolutely YES, anyone may attend. You can purchase the Pageant's Tickets HERE.

A: No, we are looking at your personality, skills, knowledge, education and community involvement.

A: No, all final contestants must stay in the Resort and follow the Pageant's scheduled program (7 days).

A: No, your profile photos do not have to be professionally taken at all. The most important part is that your profile is fully completed with photos and all other required information.

A: Yes, pageant competition experience is not required.

A: She will be involved in public events for one year representing Arabs worldwide. She will be featured in the Media, in TV appearances, interviews, along with advertisement opportunities. Watch the current Miss Arab's activities HERE.

A: Contact our team at Info@MissArab.Org. We have a number of sponsorship packages or we can design one that caters to the needs of your company or organization.

A: Once you REGISTER you will be added automatically to our mailing list database and you will receive updates by email.